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Website Design

Your website is a vital part of your overall marketing plan, presenting your company or organization's image, product and services on the worldwide web.
Some considerations regarding your current website:
  • Is the message and purpose clear to visitors?
  • Does it advise your business basics clearly?
  • Are the pages of your website cohesive?
  • Is the look consistent with your image elsewhere?
  • Does it represent your "corporate culture"?
  • Is the design logical and inviting or confusing?
  • Can it be easily navigated throughout all pages?
  • Does it offer interactive opportunities to the visitor?
  • Is it appealing to your demographic target audience?
  • Are visitors enticed to explore it or likely to ignore it?
At WebHerd, we can design new websites from scratch, augment your current website or revitalize your website to better promote your company or organization's image, message, products and services at rates you can afford.

When was the last time you really looked at your website?
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