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Web Presence Analysis

As a touchstone of our WebHerd services, we believe a great web presence begins with a thorough analysis of the various elements of your current web site and their synergy with your products, services and marketing efforts.
Some items to consider about your current web presence may include:
  • What is the purpose of your web presence?
  • Is the content current and relevant?
  • Does your web presence connect with your target audience?
  • Is your web presence informational or interactive?
  • Does your web presence acurately convey your company's image?
  • Is there synergy between your web and your brick and mortar business?
  • Is your web presence an active channel for sales/donations?
  • Does your web presence distinguish your company vs. the competition?
  • Is your overall web presence working for or against you?
Our WebHerd web presence analysis reviews these and other elements of your current web presence and offers realistic solutions which will work for your company or organization.
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